Friday, 22 May 2015

Short Getaway to Singapore

This short trip was the badly needed break. Work had been stressful since February and I felt like I was about to break down. Note to self - need to take breaks once in a while.

When I told LC the good news that my leave was approved, the first thing that she asked was, what do I want to do in Singapore and my standard answer is anything also can. So, I left it in her good hands to plan the whole trip. Somehow it ended up as non-stop eating from the moment I touched down till the day I left. Hahaha.

Food picture overload. You've been warned.

I took Malindo airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on Labour Day. There was bad weather in Singapore and my flight was delayed about 20 minutes as the plane circled around Singapore trying to land. With all the accidents happening to planes, I was just glad to reach my destination in one piece.

It was funny how LC couldn't really recognise me as I waved at her after passing customs. Has it been that long? We couldn't stay to catch up that long at the airport as we had to rush to the Japanese buffet booked for 6.30pm at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant, Hotel Miramar

The place was packed. Luckily LC made a booking earlier or else we wouldn't have the opportunity to dine here. I don't think the hotel guests even have the chance to have their dinner here. Off we go to order.

California and Salmon skin Temaki (handrolls) with a pot of complimentary fish soup. The ingredients were really fresh and tastes delicious.

Itadakimasu! Place was a bit cram but somehow the waiters and waitresses were experts in arranging and clearing out plates.

From ebi tempura, breadcrumb ebi, grilled salmon, chawan mushi, tomato bacon maki, tonkatsu, salmon and tuna sushi, to 2 big plates of sashimi. I really love the sashimi especially the salmon and octopus sashimi. Price for the buffet is just below SGD 50 after including taxes and charges. Highly recommended.

Day 2
I spend most of the morning hibernating as I didn't have the chance to hibernate properly previously. Poor LC had to go to work while I caught up with my beauty sleep. Hahaha. This is the life, starting my day waking up just in time for lunch.

This day was all about shopping and eating. We made our way to Jurong East Station where there are three malls for us to shop.

Dian Xiao Er, Jurong East
Anyone who walks into this restaurant much try their duck. It was well seasoned with herbs and the sauce was delicious. I could just eat the sauce with rice and be satisfied.

Stir fry mushrooms. Just realised that adding ginger to the mushrooms can make it taste much better. Part of dining out is to learn how to improve my own cooking.

Steamed fish - I really love this dish. The fish meat was not overcooked and there was a dash of Chinese wine with small pieces of pork and bamboo shoot. If only I can replicate this at home.

Guai Ling Gou - bitter herbal jelly eating with honey. Known to be good for the skin.

After refueling, it was time for intensive shopping. I won't disclose how much money was spent during this shopping therapy.

Sailormoon soft toy! I want!

Dinner at Miam Miam

Miam Miam has branches in Gurney Paragon, Penang and One Utama too. I just had to find LC all the way in Singapore to visit this restaurant. Sometimes it's the company.

Two shopaholics

Miam Miam's chef recommendation. Highly recommended.

Look at the size of the plate! Luckily we ordered to share. Highlight of the place is the desserts. Remember to save some space for that.

Can't wait to dig in

I have never expected french toast to be that good. Best french toast that I have ever tasted. Must order!

Pancake - again, managed to impress me.

Poured the syrup and divided to share.

JEM shopping mall, one of the malls we did our shopping at.

Day 3
I have a really funny story to tell. It is so funny that I will remember this for life.

Lunch at Peperoni

Queuing up

LC is in love the pizza here. She was telling me that the salmone flavour was the best and she couldn't eat enough of the pizza as it was that good. She confidently ordered the largest size which was 21" and even told me that she's ordered the same size the last time she was here. I actually suspected something was amiss when the waitress moved us to a larger table after we placed that order as she said the small table will not be enough to fit the pizza. Hmmmm

5 ways to eat pizza. I can tell you now that I actually had to use all 5 ways this time.

The culprit! I'll let her enjoy her drink first.

When the pizza arrived, you have no idea how big was the shock and how big my eyes were. It was as big as the small table. No wonder we had to change table. We ordered half Salmone and another half Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (Parma ham with rocket salad).

As you can see, the pizza was that delicious that we managed to finish the whole thing. I was glad that the crust was very crunchy and thin. Or else I would have raised my white flag a long time ago. This story will be passed from one generation to the next. Moral of the story, never let the pizza enthusiast order the largest pizza.

Time for some serious exercise as LC told me she booked a buffet for dinner. I know, we're crazy.

Alive Museum
Lots of photo shooting sessions and posing! The photos did come out nicely but you have no idea how physically challenging to get some of the effects. Very good arrangement for us to burn as much calories before dinner.

I totally feel like this after that pizza.

Save me Charlie Chaplin!

Trying Michael's anti-gravity lean but not very successful.

Off to save the world with the penguins

Attacked by zombies

Tadah! Ran away to join the circus

Luckily this boat didn't sink with the weight of two of us.

2 pieces of me

Naughty jumbo


Stencil elephant

Many many more fun photos

Dedicated to my dentist friends. The traditional way of teeth pulling.

Enjoying the view of the fountain of wealth for almost 2 hours after our workout at Alive Museum. Hopefully I've absorbed enough essence from this fountain to be wealthy.

International Buffet at Amara International Hotel

It was my first time trying so many different types of shell fish. There were spider crab, Atlantic crab, oysters, prawns, lobsters. Ended my meal with macaroon and cheese cake.

That's the end of my trip to Singapore. Thanks LC for entertaining me and leaving unforgettable memories. Now to start my exercise and diet. Note to self - not to check cholesterol levels for at least 6 months.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Weekend food outing

It's been ages since I last went for intensive shopping and food hunting. PL invited me to go on a special mission last weekend and the food was an added bonus. Can't mention what was the special mission. Hahaha.

Imperial Chinese Cuisin, Prangin Mall
Who would have known that there was such a nice Chinese restaurant hidden in the lower ground floor of Prangin Mall. The last time I went there, the whole place looked run down. This little gem is a very nice surprise thanks to my new friend D. The prices were affordable too. We ordered 4 dishes and a soup and it came up to only RM30+ per person. By the way, there wasn't any service tax. So, it was only the 6% GST.

Soup of the day - Boiled groundnuts with pork rib soup
Very flavorful. Have you had the sensation that you've forgotten that you've missed something until you've had it. That feeling just hit me when I had my first mouthful of the soup. Delicious! 

Two types of Kai Lan
Still trying to figure out how green leafy vegetables be that crunchy.

Butter Prawns
Worth all the hype about it. It's my first time trying the moist type of butter prawns and it is recommended. I would love to try the other types of prawn dishes the next time. 

 Three type of steamed egg
I was wondering how many types of eggs are there. Got my answer after digging in. It's a combination of salted egg, century egg and fresh egg. Very unique. Would order again.

Claypot pork with salted fish sauce
The sauce is just addictive especially when mixed with rice. Not bad.

After refueling our stomachs and chatting for almost 2 hours.....finally, we started out special mission. Hahahaha. Won't give away what we had to do.

Almost at the top flood of Prangin Mall, we were attracted to the lovely aroma of Thai food. 
Papaya salad in the making 

 Papaya Salad
This reminds me so much of my trip to Thailand. This version is much spicier than the ones that I've had in the past. My friends preferred the mango kerabu though.

Back to special mission.......then pit stop at Gloria Jeans Coffee.
Hot chocolate and chocolate cake
Somehow I felt that the hot chocolate tasted a bit weird. Can be improved. 

 Rainbow cake
If only the taste was as nice as the colours. A reminder that looks can be deceiving.

Fast forward to dinner at Sri Pinang Foodcourt
 Hokkien Mee aka Penang Prawn Mee
Missed this a lot! If only I can get nice Hokkien mee near my place.

Char Kuey Teow
Missed this dish too! I'm already satisfied after having this. 

Grilled French Beans
How can beans taste that nice. Must be the seasoning. 

 Fried Lala
The sauce was very unique. There's curry powder, curry leave, sweet and spicy all mixed into it. Makes one wanting to go back for more.

 Grilled Fish
One of the nicest grilled fish that I've had in my life. The spices really brings out the flavour.

Visiting PL's two new baby guinea pigs cute! 

Coconut Palm Wine
Didn't know that Malaysia produces wine. I'm not a good wine critique but I can finish one bottle myself.

Thanks PL, D and RY for such a wonderful outing! Too bad I had to leave the group earlier as I was working the next day. Luckily could wake up when my alarm went off.

Looking forward to the next adventure.