Monday, 20 June 2016

The Start of a New Journey

It's been such a long time since the last time I blogged. Kinda feels rusty trying to pen down my thoughts at the moment. Such a similar experience to when I tried to do a proper examination while being examined during bedside teaching today. It's been such a long time since I'd last practiced clinical examination.

What triggered me to start blogging again is that all the similar feelings of stress and anxiety are rushing back again since I'd started the masters programme and I needed another outlet to release them. It's the same feeling of what ifs...... What if I lose my motivation? What if I'm studying the wrong materials? What if I don't have enough time to study? What if I fail and get kicked out? What if......I'm worrying too much!

It's such a mixed feeling when I got my results that I passed the theory exam and interview. Initially I was happy that I manage to pass the first round of screening which was the theory exam, then followed by the nerve wrecking interview which wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be. Then there was the stressful period of packing up my things and moving from Kulim back to KL. At least I managed to squeeze a trip to Ho Chi Minh right before I started the programme. So there's no regrets there.

2 weeks into the programme, I'm starting to miss my peaceful routine which I've established for the past 3 years in Kulim. I can't wait to settle down and get used to the new working and studying environment. The adaptation period is one of the hardest things for me that's why I'm reluctant to move out of my comfort zone but somehow the need to progress has made me take this drastic step.

Live without regrets, as long as I've tried my best. This, I'll have to keep reminding myself whenever I feel the struggle is too much. Hopefully I'll be well adapted soon.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

PL&C Church Wedding and Trip to Langkawi

Time flies. It's been a month since the events in this post too place. Seems like just yesterday. Make sure your tummy is full before reading. It's going to be a long post.

The weather even threw in some extra spice before the big day when everyone was flying into Penang. It didn't rain but poured. So many flights were delayed or canceled. I was supposed to pick H up from Penang airport but found out that her flight was diverted to Langkawi due to bad weather. We were supposed to go to Langkawi after the wedding not before!

Finally, after 1.5 hours, H landed safely in Penang. Brought her to Queensbay Mall newly opened food court to have lunch.

Had Chilli Pan Mee. Lesson on eating this is not to underestimate the spiciness of the dried chili. Taste first before stirring everything together. Overall, taste was delicious.

Next, we went over to St Anne's Church to help out with the flower decorations.

So pretty! Took the florist 3 hours to set up the flower arch. According to PL, the arch itself cost her as much as the prize money for her APC. Money well spent.

The end result. So beautiful.

PL's Parents' House

All these cakes were baked by PL's sister's boyfriend. Too pretty for consumption.

Catered buffet dinner. Food was delicious. Didn't know that Guiness Stout can cooked with fried chicken.

Second trip to the airport to pick up PP and L. Their flight from KK was delayed too. Luckily they didn't detour to Timbuktu.

Breakfast on the big day at the coffee shop next to Bukit Mertajam Market

 Luckily we managed to get up and still had time for breakfast. Ok, not all of us. Half are still asleep.

 Siew Pau. Fresh from the oven that the outer layer is still crispy.

Penang Char Kuay Teow. The taste can never go wrong anywhere in Penang.

First picture of the Bride and Groom. Aren't they lovely. We stayed at Vince Villa which is near to St Anne's Church. The place is beautifully decorated with antiques. Even the car was older than me.

Lighting the candle. The whole ceremony happened so fast that I actually didn't take any photo.

PP and I. The bouquet of flowers was actually for PL's mum. I was carrying it around for safe keeping. Hahahaha. 

Girls and the bride

Liked this one the most

Group photo

M03N class photo. We've known each other for more than a decade. Sound so old.

Group photo

 I was leaning close to the professional photographer to learn their photo taking techniques and it turned out so good. The models were very professional too. Hahahaha.

 I was kneeling on the floor to take this shot. Next to the photographer. Worth paying them as their job isn't easy.

 Throwing the bouquet. Guess who caught it.

 The one who caught the bouquet. Pressure is on you, H.

Tea Party at PL and C's condominium

Nice catch up and really enjoyed the video prepared by PL and C.

Karaoke session with buffet dinner at Neway. There was a buy 3 free 1 offer by Maybank so it was affordable. PL and C really enjoyed themselves.

Day 1 Langkawi

Finally, the start of the Langkawi trip.

This is how you book a good spot for parking your car at Penang airport.

Shopping spree started at the departure lounge.

Touched down at Langkawi. We stayed at Dayang Bay Beach Resort. This was the view from my window.

Lunch at Nagoya Thai Restaurant

 We had so much food, there was the papaya salad, Tom Yam, stir fried water spinach with belacan, chicken curry. Food tasted so much better as we have a professional waiter at our table.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Need to take photo of the food too.

Road trip! We rented this 7 seater for only RM240 for 3 days. So cheap during off peak season.

Shopping/relaxing at Jetty Point Complex

 Badly needed massage after all that shopping.

The guys were all so excited about this Snow beer saying that it's the best beer ever. To me, it's smoother but still doesn't really make me fall in love with beer. Too bitter.

 When it comes to shopping for alcohol, leave it to the guys. They even bought a knife, salt, and lemon for the sake of drinking Tequila.

Dinner at GLK Seafood Restaurant

Initially we wanted to go to Wonderland Seafood restaurant but the place was packed with people. So we settled for the next door GLK restaurant which was also a good choice. Seafood was fresh and affordable. The Tom Yam here was even more delicious as compared to the one we had for lunch. Had the Guiness Stout chicken again. I think it's only in Malaysia that we combine caramelized chicken with beer.

Langkawi Day 2

Underwater World

 Fish, lobsters, penguins and even flamingo. Make sure to catch the feeding sessions as there'll be documentary on these beautiful creatures too.

 Seals need to take care of their teeth hygiene too. It's so obedient letting the trainer brush its teeth.

Bird watching...I mean people watching.


My French Factory

 Highly recommended to head over to My French Factory for tea. The shop is run by a French couple who are really friendly and accommodating. I love their blue cheese crepe. Juices are also freshly made. Highly recommended.

Natural shot of the newly wed couple

 Using our new selfie stick

 Had a stroll along the beach before dinner.

Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant

 Authentic Japanese food. Price wise is medium range. Recommended to try at least once to get the real Japanese experience. My cold udon was served on ice!

Langkawi Day 3

We finally got around to doing tourist stuff on the last day.

Eagle hunting at Dataran Lang 

 Finding burnt rice at Beras Terbakar.

Wooden house at Beras Terbakar

 Pit stop at the petrol station

Paddy field


Back to Penang Island

Dinner at Carnation Bak Kut Teh 
 There was big bone and small bone Bak Kut Teh, dried Bak Kut Teh, You Tiao, lettuce with oyster sauce and yam rice.

Dessert at Miam Miam, Gurney Paragon

The desserts here are just delicious. Best to go in a big group to try out more varieties. The French Toast is simply amazing. Wonder how can bread taste so good. Luckily I don't have to go back to Singapore to get this toast.

Last day before flying back

Breakfast at Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant

 Round 1 - highly recommended to come here for Dim Sum. Everything was delicious. Still couldn't convince some to try the chicken feet. Hahahaha.

Round 2 - I know, we're monsters.

 Last group picture before parting ways.

Phew. Finally finished. Hope you enjoyed it. Holidays always end too soon. Can't wait for my next adventure.