Saturday, 27 November 2010

Buffet Dim Sum at Marriott Hotel

We went to Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya today for my belated birthday lunch. This was one of the rare opportunities for me to fatten myself up as I've lost about 6kg since the last time I weighed myself in UK.

We went to this posh Winter Palace restaurant inside the hotel for our Shanghai Dim Sum buffet. I liked the relaxing and spacious atmosphere.

Thank you mama and papa for the lovely lunch. I was so full and had to stop the waiters from serving us more baskets of dim sum.

From the usual Siu Mai to Crystal prawn dumplings, stir-fried asparagus, Hot and Sour Crab soup, Seafood congee, Fried chicken with salted egg batter, etc. All of them were delicious! Maybe I've gained back the 6kg which I've lost in just 1 sitting. Hahahaha.

Back to work tomorrow but luckily, it's just a half day. Going to start preparing for MRCP Part 1 from now on. Anyone interested in forming a study group?

P.s. I realised that interpersonal skills are essential to survive housemanship. The better your interpersonal skills, the easier your life will be. Work smart and not hard. The communication skills that I've learned over the 5 years have served me well.


h.3.l.3.n said...

wah so nice, marriot dimsum! and u do look very different! dont be overstressed k? and happy belated bday again!

May said...

yeahh even b4 reading tht u lost 6kg i noticed tht ur jawline's sharper. dono how to say.. shud it be considered a blessing in disguise? Hang in there noreen..